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necessary to put any sentries out. Here we found the warriors still drinking and feasting, sitting round their fires so engrossed

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in their plans for my downfall that they entirely failed to notice our approach; so, stealthily creeping up till we were close behind them

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, we prepared to complete our surprise. The moment had come to deal them a crushing blow. Not a sound had betrayed our adv

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ance, and they were still quite ignorant of our presence almost in the midst of them. The echoing crack of my rifle, w

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hich was to be the signal for the general attack, was immediately drowned in the roar of the other guns as my men poured in a volley

which could not fail to be effective at that short range, while accompanying the leaden missiles was a cloud of arrows, poured in by that part of my force which was not armed with rifles. 228 The effect of this unexpected onslaught was electrical, the savages starting up with yells of terror in a state of utter panic. Being taken so completely by surprise, they could not at first

  • e meeting in the clearing where
  • the enemy were said to be holding
  • their consultation—my object being to teach
  • them such a lesson that they would hesi
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realize what had happened, and the place was for a few minutes a pandemonium of howling niggers, who rushed about in the faint light of the camp fires, jostling each other and stumbling over the bodies of those who had fallen at the first

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